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Welcome to our new e-service. The service is continually developed. You can take part in developing the service by providing feedback.

Certificates from the Population Information System

You can use the service to order certificates provided by Digital and Population Data Services Agency. Certificates are accepted in Finland and by an authority in an EU member state.

You can order certificates after you have identified yourself in the service. You can identify yourself, for example, by using your online banking codes or a mobile certificate. You can pay the certificate by making an online payment.

Certificate delivery method:

If you are going to use the certificate in Finland, it will be delivered electronically. You can download the certificate in PDF format right after paying or the certificate will be sent to you in Suomi.fi Messages. To have the certificate sent to you, you will need to have enabled Suomi.fi Messages. Due to privacy reasons, the certificate will not be sent directly to your email.

If the certificate is required by an authority in an EU member state, the certificate will be posted to you. Your order will be processed within 2–5 business days, after which the Post will deliver the certificate.

Open the certificate and start the order: